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PARKER, 4 year old, Female Calico Himalayan Ragdoll Mix. We all know calico cats have opinions. Extremely beautiful calico cats may have even more opinions. This amazing girl seems to know she is outrageously beautiful and she loves to have her way and rule over her home.

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Adopted By Beverly
SASSYPANTS, 1 1/2 Year Old, Female White Persian. Sassypants is a beautiful Persian girl with a thick white coat. She was pregnant and in a shelter. We just managed to get her to a foster before she had her kittens. A better Mom you could not ask for. Sassy is looking for someone who is familiar with a Persians care and a place where she "owns" the house. She can be a bit of a diva, but with her looks we agree! She is looking for her forever home. Could you be the right home for her?

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DELILAH, 3 year old, Female, Blue Lynx Point Himalayan. Want kisses? This is the girl for kisses. She is an affectionate little darling, a tiny treasure at 6 pounds. She is all about love. She will give you a head butt or rub herself on your hand and or give you kisses and follow you around. She likes to be carried on a shoulder and lie on a lap. Everyone who meets her falls under her spell. Delilah, as she came in named, is a very sweet, goodnatured, nice girl. She is an absolute darling and someone will be so lucky to have all her love.

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