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See a cat you'd like to meet? Fill out an Adoption Application and tell us a little about yourself. Please also consider a shelter cat. We have courtesy postings here.

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Courtesy Post
LOVEBUG, 8 year old Male Blue Persian. The Love Bug here! I'm an eight year old copper eyed blue Persian. Things started downhill when Mom brought home twin babies 18 months ago. Before that, my sister and I enjoyed a fabulous life, getting groomed every other week and going on vacations with Mom and Dad. We were the apples of their eye; their world revolved around us. Please know that my sister, Nuggles and I, must be placed together.

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Courtesy Post
NUGGLES, 8 year old Female Cream Persian. Nuggles here! I'm an eight year old blue eyed cream Persian. It's all true, my brother, Love Bug's, and my life has fallen to the way side since those twin babies came. I remember the day when my Dad taught me to sit on command. People thought I might be part dog, but the truth is, he bribed me with strawberry yogurt. Just a little dab on his finger usually did the trick.

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MS. COOKIE, 3 - 5 year old Female Blue Point Himalayan. This young lady loves attention. She is very friendly to humans. Every once in a while she is shy with a stranger, but mostly she is an easy going nice girl. She also loves her food and never met a bowl of wet food she didn't like. Cookie has a soft full coat of creamy white fur. She is comfortable with brushing. She seems to like all sorts of attention. She is a perfect, easy, quiet, loving companion for some lucky human.

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ZORRO, 1.5 - 2 year old Male Seal Point Himalayan. Zorro is a boy that will love and attach to his human. He will certainly be someone’s heart kitty. He likes to lay on the computer desk and visit with you. He likes to know where you are in the house. He will sit on the floor, look up at you and watch what you are doing. He will come on your lap to visit and he loves to be petted. He likes to sleep on the foot of the bed while you are sleeping. But his favorite sleeping spot is the window cat bed. He will watch the birds in the feeder outside for hours. His sweet nature is adored by his foster mom and she has to admit when he is lounging in the living room his beauty certainly adds to the décor.

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